Spanish Verbs Pro Customer Reviews:


First class

It is a great tool every student of a new language should have!

It is very helpful

Been using for 4 years or more. Would be 5 stars if each verb on top screen had the pronunciation

Really, really helpful

Fantastic. I no longer need to carry the huge 501 verb book. Simple to use, irregular conjugations highlighted and pronunciation aid. You can select all tenses or just ones working on. Grammar section good too. Can't wait for next update.


Handy and quick!

Great app

This app is very handy and easy to use worth the money. One suggestion would be to have some way of flagging verbs or adding them to a shortlist so you know which ones you have learnt or are in the middle of learning and easily find them without having to search or look through the long list. Otherwise great.

Great list of verbs, really helped

Super app, minor niggles

I switched my phone to Spanish for greater immersion, then the English translations disappeared. There's some logic to this, but as the rest of the app is in English, it would be better to have this fixed. Also Force Closes if not used for 2 hours when returning to the app. Always. Without fail. Otherwise, brilliant, my Spanish teacher is impressed at my progress!

Great app. Audio makes a big difference

For some reason my version has stopped showing English translations even though it is enabled. I can't even search using English :(

Audio pronunciation is very helpful

If you already speak poor spanish this might be all you need. Don't overlook the grammar section.

Really helpful!! Especially since I'm minoring in spanish.

Excellent ap! I highly recommend it for its' complete conjugation of all verbs.

Love it and the array of verbs it has.

Great app. Search function is very useful. Excellent service too. Keep up the good work Robert!

Excellent. Use it regularly while studying Spanish. One wish: Make the "search" for new verb the default state, without going via menu.

Cannot create drills as in training version. Just a list of verbs. Training version needs more verbs or this version needs ability to create drills

Could you add affirmative and negative: tú, ud, uds commands?

Refund unsuccessful..

I've had this a while now and It's always been useful for a portable Spanish reference. Updated quite often too which is good to see.

Great APP!

very informative, and practicing with the trainer app makes a perfect combination

Easy to use and very cleanly done. Also purchased italian pro and has same quality. Exactly what I was looking for!

One of the best apps on my phone. Developer improves app with every request!

Very useful while studying in Puebla, Mexico. An easy 5 stars from me.

Los pinches

Brilliant and very useful program . I found it very helpful.

Great app. Would love to see more Verbs. Well worth the price.

Very helpful, extensive verb list. Great to have to quickly review conjugations.

This app is very helpful!

Great app. So useful. I can stop carrying my verb. Book round! The pro version is well worth the upgrade.

Great app. Period. Anyone in the process of learning spanish will love this.

Very useful. Added the fast scroll as requested. Many thanks. 5 stars

Pretty good but it would be have a translation of the tenses as well as usage examples

Helpful for sure

Force closes every time I use the search icon, needs a faster way of searching for words other than using the search icon.

U can search in both Spanish and English. Absolutely wonderful well worth the money.

Aced my test!

Great. Very extensive. Wish we could see examples in a sentence and it would specify if its reflexive or not. A quiz feature would be great

Refunded. Will rebuy when you can search word in english and find the word in spanish